About Us

Black Satin Events is a 100% BBBEE compliant company headed by a team of passionate professionals who offer complete event management solutions. We pride ourselves on a firm reputation for good service and reliability. We provide a professional approach to every event. Our team is supported by fully trained members of staff with experience and knowledge of the industry. We have ready access to a large stock of specialized equipment and services. So whatever you need, we've got it covered.

What we do:
We provide a comprehensive event management solution to cover all your function needs within the allocated budget. We have the expertise in staging a diverse range of events from small intimate private functions to large corporate events.

Our Approach:
We manage all our events as a theatrical production with our clients as the prized cast and the guests the audience. In collaboration with our client we write, review and rewrite the script until all are thoroughly satisfied. The client sketches the picture and we bring it to life. We aim to provide as much support and technical expertise as required, helping to deliver a fantastic event. We will be there every step of the way helping to make sure that our clients are content and the service we provide meets all their expectations and needs.


Our values below stem from respect and integrity, superior service, customer satisfaction, ethics and discipline:

  • To provide our customers with services and products of the highest quality that meet agreed specifications and deadlines through fully understanding their needs and our capability to meet them
  • To minimize all forms of loss and wastage through planned and systematic control of all our activities, resulting in increased benefits for all stakeholders.
  • Strive to satisfy and delight our clients as the most important stakeholders in our business.
  • Creating ongoing winning partnerships, with suppliers being our allies in serving the interests of our clients
  • To develop individual skills, self-discipline and a true sense of self -worth of all team members. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of our team members.

Proud member of SAACI:

The South African Association for the Conference industry (SAACI) has a PCO chapter and operates an accreditation programme for PCO's. Black Satin Events has qualified within this programme. This is a reassurance that the PCO has the relevant level of experience and has committed to abide by SAACI's code of conduct.

Social Responsibility:
Caring about our communities and environment is the cornerstone of our value base. The company contributes to the growth and development of the communities within which it operates by becoming involved in community development projects. Our firm belief is that education and sport are crucial elements to ensure positive social change.


Company Profile

"we bring it all together smooth and glossy"

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